The ‘Whitecross Street Party’ and its larger than life street art exhibition ‘The Rise of the Nonconformists’ started back in 2010 when a small team of disorganisers took inspiration from the local dissenter’s graveyard. This hallowed ground where William Blake’s spirit was laid to rest provides the perfect setting for the event which encourages peaceful non-conformists to rise once again. The lively street art party and two month exhibition is choreographed and curated by St Luke’s Community Centre working with artist Teddy Baden. The annual event is supported by the London Borough of Islington, and is one of London’s most unique street art experiences. Please see our ‘Thank You’ page for a list of this year’s supporters. It’s been providing London with that rare cocktail which can only be made with interactive community spirits, mixed with a heavy splash of urban art and a large dash of the unexpected. Not to forget a very large self-deprecating cherry on top! It’s a brilliant family-friendly event for both the avid art lover and those that like something a bit different. If you have the desire, come dressed even more silly or weirdly as you do usually and don’t forget - ‘be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind’.

St Luke’s Community Centre

St Luke's Trust is an old and well-established charity dating back centuries. We own a large community centre in South Islington that provides a space for local people to gather and socialise, and for us and other organisations to deliver services and activities to the local community. We also work outside in the community supporting other groups and running community events. We believe that providing a community centre helps break down barriers within the neighbourhood and contributes towards the area being welcoming, safe, healthy, alive with activity, and neighbourly.


Teddy Baden

UK based street artist Teddy Baden is not simply driven by a fascination with dogs. His art celebrates an incredible relationship... human society’s historic and endearing subsumption of another species. His paintings exude a “vivacious wit”, a “combination of humour and cynicism”... “Where dogs wear snorkels and spew coloured paint”. Teddy is founder and curator of The Whitecross Street Party, and ‘Rise of the Non Conformists’ public art exhibition. He is also known for his organizational and curatorial involvement for the Mutate Britain Events, and contribution towards the Robin Hood Tax Campaign and the Dogs Trust Charity.


Islington Council

Islington Council serves all residents and businesses in our borough and provides a wide range of vital services.