Whilst not  being the largest donation we have secured, being handed a cheque for £1.5m on behalf of City YMCA London was an amazing feeling!

“You are AMAZING, the word brainstorming doesn’t even come close: as a die hard possibility thinker, I’ve always thought I was a wild, free and associative thinker, but YOU .. hey, this is gorgeous!”


Nicola Ravenscroft 


Welcome to the Giving Business

Fundraising so charities can thrive

The Giving Business is passionate about helping charities secure the funds they need in order to fulfil their mission. 

We are equally passionate about helping donors engage well with good causes whilst meeting their own needs and objectives. 

We often work best when seeking to achieve a step-change in the income streams of our clients, allowing them to grow in confidence and to respond more assertively to the needs they see.

We offer a very pragmatic, hands-on relationship with our clients. We know that the world isn’t perfect and we’ll work with your limitations to secure the income that you need. 

Together we have raised over £30m. 

Our last major donation was a £1.5m grant to a homeless charity secured this year. As we are so hands-on we can speak from our current experience as well as the knowledge we have gleaned over six decades. 

Our team have advised national causes like the British Heart Foundation, Teenage Cancer Trust and the Royal Institution of Great Britain as well as smaller local charities like local YMCA’s, Springboard for Children or The Geffrye Museum.

We have a strong track record of securing donations and grants from the lottery, statutory sources, major donors, trusts & foundations and individuals through direct approaches and well-managed events. 

How we work with you

  • We always work in a team to ensure that you don’t get just one perspective but our shared wisdom
  • We always specify the costs of our work in advance so you can buy with confidence knowing that costs won’t spiral out of control
  • We have ways to work with charities that can’t afford fundraiser salaries, removing any risk to your cause
  • We don’t run a large office so our rates are half that of the consultancies we once led

The Giving Business

38 Capitol Square, 4-6 Church Street, Epsom, Surrey KT17 4NP

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