We just love visiting the animals at our new client Vauxhall City Farm. Goats, sheep, horses and even a tarantula….! 

The Giving Business aim to re-stabilise the funding base of this local charity that has an excellent track record of delivery but has faced leadership challenges in the last two years.

For Donors

With our years of collective experience we know how charities tick from the inside out. How they think and how effectively they use a donors hard-earned cash. We know how to spot the best causes, who spends what on overheads and how effective their fundraising is. We can use that intelligence to your advantage.

We work with you to:

  • identify those causes closest to your heart
  • undertake research to advise you on the best charities to give to
  • broker an approach that stewards your gift in the best possible way
  • agree an appropriate level of engagement for you with each cause that you support

Many high-net-worth individuals are getting tired of being badgered by numerous charities. The Giving Business provides a shield behind which we can structure up your planned giving approach with a handful of causes that are closest to your concerns. 

We also help the charities themselves understand your needs, how best to keep you in the loop, how to report back to you on the impact of your gift and how best to keep you engaged in delivering a solution. 

Some smaller charities have never worked with major-donors before, they often don’t have the experience to understand what you want from the relationship of how to manage their relationship with you. Yet smaller charities, often with low overheads and small teams who are closely engaged in meeting local needs, are often the places where your support will make the greatest impact. A programme of planned giving to a small charity will transform their ability to respond and create a rich experience between yourself, the charity team right through to the lives of the people that they support. 

We are able to establish that rich experience for you and your chosen cause. 

The Giving Business

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